OERs - The Perspective of the Designer

Event date: 
2015-11-10 17:00 CET
Event place: 
online webinar

Designing innovative and sustainable curriculum with ICT enhanced learning tools is a new challenge for teachers, trainers and adult educators. Professionals supporting these innovative services at learning institutions contribute to developing professional identity, self-esteem and self-potential. Online learning and open educational resources meet these needs and offer solutions for innovative, quality work–based learning curriculum design. On the way to useful, enjoyable and, most of all, working solutions for learning, learning designers meet obstacles, problems and do their best to overcome and solve these. In Europe, professors, teachers and learning designers strive to collaborate via open learning and open movement to solve issues, or create new paths and resources together for better learning.

This 50 minute webinar focused on the problems and solutions of a learning designer in the context of open learning. Dénes Zarka (EDEN) explored what "open" stands for in the context of learning resources and present various models for the use and re-use of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Denes explained why he designs open content and also why others design open content.